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The Bermuda Triangle of Age: Chin, Neck and Jowls

The Bermuda Triangle of Age: Chin, Neck and Jowls

You may have first noticed it when looking at a picture of yourself. The contour of your chin is softening, baby jowls are emerging, and a small pocket of fat hangs under your chin.

That tricky area where the chin, neck and jowls all collide can be a hot mess of middle age.  Your annual jabs of Restylane or Juvederm in your nasolabial folds may not be doing the trick anymore.  Unfortunately, a lot of this is genetically determined. Knowing what’s ahead may have you panicking for a solution that is not as extreme as surgery.

The best non-surgical option for lifting your face without surgery is Ultherapy®, now 1st offered in the Tampa at our facility.

Ultherapy® is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure for the face and neck  (and soon for the body as well), that uses ultrasound energy to actually lift, tighten and tone loose skin without any downtime. It utilizes the Ulthera® System, which is cleared by the FDA for use as a non-invasive treatment to lift and tighten multiple areas of the face and neck to achieve a desired aesthetic effect.

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive treatment that can specifically target not only the deeper layers of the skin, but also the fibro-muscular layer as well, which is the deep foundation below the skin that is addressed in cosmetic surgery, without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. It is also the only aesthetic procedure to use ultrasound imaging, which allows practitioners to actually see the deep layers
of tissue treated during the procedure and ensure the energy is delivered precisely to where it will be most effective.

Your skin’s response is to strengthen your existing collagen and stimulate the growth of fresh, new collagen. This results in a gradual tightening and firming effect, and a natural lift of the skin over time.

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